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Play area Reports

Levels of inspections we carry out


There are 3 levels of inspection (as identified by BS EN1176):


a.  Routine visual inspection


Routine visual inspection enables the identification of obvious hazards that can result from vandalism, use or weather conditions.  For playgrounds subject to heavy use or vandalism, daily inspection of this type can be necessary.


Working in partnership with you RSS can provide any guidance or training to enable you to complete visual inspections at a frequency appropriate to the location and its use.


b.  Operational inspection


The operational inspection is a more detailed inspection to check the operation and stability of the equipment especially for any wear.  This type of inspection should be carried out every 1 to 3 months, as indicated by the manufacturer’s instructions.


Examples of visual and operational inspection points are cleanliness, equipment ground clearances, sharp edges, missing parts, excessive wear (of moving parts) and structural integrity.


c.  Annual main inspection


The annual main inspection is carried out to establish the overall level of safety of equipment, foundations and surfaces eg. compliance with EN1176, including any changes made as a result of the assessment of safety measures, effects of weather, presence of rotting or corrosion and any change in the level of safety of the equipment as a result of repairs made or of added or replaced components.

Is it compulsory to inspect my Play Area?


The European Standard for Playground Safety, BS EN1176 recommends that regular inspection takes place as part of a planned inspection schedule.


The onus, therefore, is on you to be able to demonstrate that a robust inspection regime in in place.


Do you inspect any manufacturer's equipment?


Yes, we are qualified to inspect any manufacturer's equipment, even those that are no longer trading.


What frequency of inspections do you recommend?


All inspection regimes differ according to the individual play area's type of equipment, location, age and usage.  However, it is good practice that a schedule of visual inspections occurs regularly and that these are supported by more in-depth Monthly or Quarterly Operational Inspections and an Annual Inspection.


Visual inspections can be undertaken by your own grounds maintenance team and, if required, we can provide you with the training needed to undertake these duties.


Operational and Annual inspections are more detailed and require written reports and photographs of all defects.