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We regularly find that it is sometimes preferable to refurbish or repair your playground equipment to conserve the environment and to protect against unnecessary costs.  It could well be the case that your playground equipment isn’t damaged or defective and all that’s required is some expert renovation.


We have been undertaking playground refurbishments for over 20 years and have revived a large number of play areas and play equipment.


we source and supply from the original play ground equipment suppliers for playground repairs the work is carried out by our own experienced team



  • Replacing used guides and ropes

  • Replacing rotten and worn timbers

  • Repairs and revival of play area surfacing

  • Redefining worn playground markings

We regularly undertake the following procedures:

  • Removing and recycling broken equipment

  • Repairing faulty playground equipment

  • Repainting play area equipment

  • Replacing worn artificial grass

  • Replacing missing parts

Play ground equipment