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A damaged rubberised safety surface is potentially dangerous and may lead to trips and falls. Holes in the surface, due to wear or vandalism should be repaired as soon as possible. If the rubberised surface thickness is eroded, then the surface will no longer provide the required critical fall height and should be repaired.



If you have tired, worn or broken playground equipment in your play space, PDG Play Safe are able to repair or refurbish it. We can  repair, or source and install from the original supplier the exact parts you need to get your play area back into use quickly and hassle free

Its important to keep your play areas well maintained and visited regularly to avoid injuries and vandalism

we have specialist teams to do ground maintenance and inspect play equipment

and fill out play area inspection forms at each visit


PDG Have been building play areas and maintaining them for over 20 years .our play area Inspectors are fully trained Rospa for the health and safety side of play areas so you can be sure we will be thorough and we are able to get the play area as safe as practicable